Vision Correction, Contact Distribution and Eyeglass Styling

With over 60 years of experience in the optometry field, New Visions Optical in Baltimore, Maryland, is prepared for any optical situation and will make sure you are cared for with the best services.

New Visions Optical has a large selection of eyewear for the entire family. We have serviced the Baltimore metropolitan area since 2012 and offer a personal touch because we understand the weight of your decision. It can be overwhelming, but we focus on quality and provide specialized services in the following areas:

  • Far Sighted

    Objects That Are Close Appear Blurred
  • Near Sighted

    Difficulty Reading Road Signs and Seeing Distant Objects Clearly
  • Single Vision

    Correcting For Distance Only or Just Near Correction
  • Bifocal

    Need Visual Assistance for Far Sightedness and Near Sightedness
  • Progressive (No Line Bifocal)

    Gradual Transition between Focal Lengths
  • Transition Lens

    Automatically Transition To Dark outside and Clear Indoors